• 1991Company was established in Halenkovice
  • 1992Company was named MIPE
  • 1994Company was relocated to Traplice, first NC machines
  • 1996Company was established as MIPEXA s.r.o.
  • 1997Expansion of the technical equipment, new CNC machines were purchased
  • 2001The Concentric project
  • 2003Beginning of supplying to the automotive industry, the Forschner PTZ project
  • 2004Certificate ISO 9901 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA)
  • 2007Vast expansion of the company, the MAHLE Letrika project
  • 2008The WAP project
  • 2010The Daikin project, cooperation with Unex a.s.
  • 2012The Liebherr and MAN projects
  • 2014Reconstruction of technical and clerical premises
  • 2015Radical modernization and expansion of technical equipment and quality control system
  • 2016The new quality control system “Mipexa Inspection“ was launched
  • 2017The SENERTEC project, the BARTZ-WERKE project
  • 2018Two robotic production lines have been put into operation.